Saturday, May 30, 2009

think before u jugde someone

human r only human. not a god or an angel.and i also a human being.and i believe everyone have a lot of problem and not always happy. people always think if someone that not like to smile is not a human . datt full of pride wonder why are they think they are always good? always chill out and proud. all human are same. ok? if u're selfsih,you r always be dat. if u r kind, u r always be dat. love sometimes lie. DONT JUDGE PEOPLE BUT ITS COVER :)

y? people only think if dat people is soo beautiful,pendiam dan banyak lagi is like an angel? y? korng pena x pikir perasaan orng lain? macam mane seseorng terpakse menangung penderitaan yang sangat berat .? like me, love someone for a long times. x penah pon rasa menyesal. just kadang kala je . i know i'm not beautiful like 'her' but i'm soo happy .
i love the way i am . dont jugde me if u really dont now me :) ily all :)

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