Monday, August 3, 2009


hmm , smlm satu masalah timbul . pening aku , i really dont understand with him . apa perasaan dia kat aku ? hmm , serius . i dont get it . i always tinking about this , always . mal , tq 4 making me laugh even just for awhile . yestarday , kau lalu dpn klass aku bnyk kali dengan memberi senyuman . what is this all about ? r u try too play around with my feeling ? im tired all of this. plezz dont do this too me .

but , i must always be happy too . coz i got fren and i got family . will never ever forget that . i love u guys with all my heart , tq 4 give me a strengh until now :) i know im not a good friend sometimes . i wanna prove myself and learn from my mistake ;D remember that i love all of u >)

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